Julia Wiklander

I work for gender equality, human rights, social justice and sustainability

in the intersection of digital media, feminist storytelling, entrepreneurship and advocacy

Hi, I'm Julia Wiklander

My passion is to mobilize, inspire and support people around the world to create waves of positive change. I’m proud to have built Girls’ Globe – the global feminist media platform hosting a community of activists, advocates, experts and organizations working to make this world a better place. Our audience spans every country of the world and reaches hundreds of thousands every month.

Through Girls’ Globe, I’ve worked with a range of organizations – grassroots movements, international non-profits, UN agencies and private sector companies – to strengthen their positive impact through digital media and youth-led feminist storytelling. 

As a seasoned communicator, I host courses and training to support changemakers, entrepreneurs and organizations to make a greater impact in a digital world and navigate feminist storytelling practices. 

I see it as my responsibility to make space for underrepresented voices globally, and to use my voice to advocate for equality and rights in my home country Sweden and beyond. 

I host the podcast Hey Changemaker! in which I speak to inspiring changemakers from around the world who tell their stories and share their best advice! 

When I’m able, I write articles and contribute to books and other publications, mostly in regards to digital rights (I’m actually a digital minimalist), refugee rights, gender equality, mental health and self care.  

Julia Wiklander

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Founder of Girls' Globe

Amplifying Voices Worldwide

At the end of 2011 I started blogging about women’s and girls’ rights and health around the world – and started girlsglobe.org. Since then, Girls’ Globe has amplified the voices of hundreds of activists, advocates, experts and organizations on topics like sexual and reproductive health and rights, peace, sustainable development, mental health and feminism. We have members from more than 35 countries, across 5 continents and have brought young women activists and advocates to more than 14 global events in the past few years.

Visit girlsglobe.org

Communications Strategist

Advisor for Impact-Driven Organizations & Entrepreneurs

With over a decade of experience as a social entrepreneur and communicator, I’ve had the opportunity to lead communications campaigns and events for large and small organizations. Through Girls’ Globe, I support changemakers, impact-driven organizations and entrepreneurs to make a greater impact with their communications in a digital world. 

I host trainings and courses on communications, storytelling and entrepreneurship.

Digital Storytelling for Impact
Digital Storytelling for Impact

Learn how to powerfully use your unique voice to build authentic support for your work in a digital world.

Conscious Entrepreneurship Course

Set a solid foundation as an entrepreneur and learn how to focus on what matters most in your business to make a greater impact.

Speaker & Moderator

Events on the Intersection of Gender Equality

From an early age, I’ve enjoyed public speaking and have had the opportunity to lead conversations and events in many different capacities. Through my work with Girls’ Globe, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at and moderate events on stages from New York to Rwanda. Whether it’s an event for high school students or global leaders, it’s my aim to bring a positive energy that inspires action through the voices and stories of changemakers. 

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